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Custom Rustic Furniture and Framing Service

Outdoorsy folks find it hard to leave the outdoors on their doorsteps. The Thunderbird Rustic Furniture collection was created to bring a bit of the outdoors inside with warm reminders of the natural world.

We use reclaimed lumber and trees that have been harvested from the California San Bernardino National Forest due to Bark Beetle damage, land management and forest thinning tree removal. Thunderbird Rustic Furniture uses the finest reclaimed Manzanita, Pine and Oak woods. Knots, bark and individual characteristics remain untouched to give you a unique, one of a kind look.

It is a curious fact that the Manzanita tree only grows at a specific altitude, between 4000 and 6000 feet only. The bark of this tree is usually red, thin, and translucent and often feels cool to the touch. Manzanita leaves are simple, leathery, and evergreen. Manzanita produce small white to pink flowers that bloom in bunches and mature into small fruits that are red when ripe. It is from these "little apple" like fruits that the Spanish name Manzanita originates. When the bark is sanded off, vivid striations become visible in the grain, creating a stunning visual effect. While it is illegal to cut down live Manzanita, there is no shortage of deadwood available.

Thunderbird Rustic Furniture's craftsman, Graeme Gale, offers hand made, hand crafted, lodge furniture, rustic furniture, and log furniture for your lodge, cabin or home. Graeme is dedicated to creating a handcrafted piece of one-of-a-kind furniture to last for generations to come. Cabin and rustic furnishings includes: rustic tables, outdoor furniture, cabin chairs, rustic stools, rustic coffee tables, rustic fireplace mantels, and custom rustic "made to order" furniture and accent pieces. Whether your lifestyle preference is log furniture, lodge or cabin, rustic, western, country, or cottage, Graeme can make the furniture piece that will be perfect for you.

Our custom hand crafted frames are of the highest quality with the appearance of very distressed and aged wood. Each frame is meticulously assembled and manipulated to effect a rustic look. Stained/painted to order. Further customization can be accomodated


See my work on exhibit at the Mountain Arts Gallery or make an appointment to visit my showroom.
Mountain Arts Gallery at the Lake Arrowhead Village
28200 State Highway 189 • Lower Suite Bldg. E-120 (Next to the Belgian Waffle Works) • Lake Arrowhead, CA
Gallery Tel: 909-744-8450

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